Northern Leopard Frog, Mines of Spain Recreation Area, Dubuque, Iowa

A couple days ago I spent the evening in the Mines of Spain, the recreation area south of Dubuque, Iowa. Beside its wooded and prairie lands it has a 15-acre wetland with two ponds and some marshes. Although there was a big frog concert going on, I only saw a single Northern Leopard Frog. I stared at the water and into the dead reeds for a long time and was able to distinguish between different frogs by listening, but I just couldn’t see more than this one Leopard Frog. Let’s put it that way, their camouflage worked very well.

To give you an idea how noisy it was I have embedded a short video. Turn the speakers of your computer, tablet, or phone to loud and click the video below. I hope you enjoy.