Dubuque, Iowa, 16th Street Basin

I went back to Dubuque, Iowa again this evening but didn’t have nearly as much action on the ice of ‘16th Street Basin’ as yesterday. So, here is my favorite shot from last Sunday. I like the position of the bird in the frame, with the small strip of open water along the shore in the background. By the way, the trees laying in the water are cut by beavers. I think this is amazing because the pond is surrounded by busy roads and railroad tracks on all sides. Shooting at this location can be a challenge, if you want to keep any men-made structures out of the frame.

This immature eagle is probably in its fourth year. As you can see, its feathers on head, neck, and tail are not completely white yet, but will be probably soon. Bald Eagles can live up to 40 years in the wild.