Great Blue Heron

Todays photos are not so much about the birds, even if they are still the subject of the image, but more about the ‘environmental’ part, the part that tells the actual story in both photos. The Great Blue Heron and the Great Egret, just “do their thing”, standing or wading in the water, and looking for fish that could be the next meal. So what’s the story?

Great Egret

We can see the humongous size of the water lily leaves, that normally float on the water surface. We may notice the muddy slope behind the Great Blue Heron and all the duck weed that covers the water. And these little details tell the actual story, the story about life in the wetlands during late summer, after a period of time without rain, with low water levels, and after every plant has surpassed the peak of their beauty... No groundbreaking news, just an invitation to go out and find the beauty of mother nature during this labor day weekend, even if it is hot and muggy... ;-)