Who is going to blame me if I use the 300th edition of NATURE CLICKS for a photo of another warbler again? 😉

I’m traveling in Texas this week and so I had to prepare today’s photo ahead of time. Joan, Cooper, and I went to the Mississippi on Monday night and we saw again a few Yellow-rumped Warblers foraging in the light of the setting sun.

During the last five and a half years NATURE CLICKS became the stage for all kinds of critters in my blog. This is where I have introduced first sightings, seasonal appearances of animals, and all kinds of interesting wildlife encounters and observations. I’m thankful for every visitor who follows the blog and finds information, education, maybe a little bit of entertainment, but hopefully some inspiration for their own photography or for just going out into the great outdoors and see things with their own eyes. If you do, please stay tuned!