We had another wonderful late summer - early fall day, with warm temperatures and some leaves falling to the ground. I’m very busy at the moment and tied to my desk most of the day, but my office window allows to check bird traffic at the south edge of our woods. When I heard the tsit-tsit call of a warbler my alarm bells went on immediately. Sure enough, I saw at least four different warbler species foraging in the trees today. One was a first sighting for me, a Golden-winged Warbler. Unfortunately the only photo I have is not sharp enough to be presented here in the blog.

All images: Nikon D750, Sigma 50-500mm / f4.5-6.3 APO DG HSM, SB 800 speed light

I’m always very careful while trying to identify warblers. Today I made about two dozen clicks of several Tennessee Warblers, in different locations, and from different angles. Not all are perfect images but still good enough for bird identification. After consulting our guide books and the iBird Pro 7.2 app, I’m pretty sure these were Tennessee Warblers. Especially in fall they can be sometimes mistaken for the Orange-crowned Warbler. The spring migration of the warblers was a bummer for me this year, we didn’t see any here on the bluffs above the little Maquoketa River Valley. It looks like we are making up for it now…😉