Nikon D750, Sigma 50-500mm / f4.5-6.3 APO DG HSM, tripod, gimbal head, SB 800 speed light

It really feels good to go out again and aim the lens toward a bird, especially on a day as this Saturday. I love those days between summer and fall, not so hot anymore, and clear and crisp when it comes to light. Down in the valley, at the Mississippi River, seemed to be a good place to look for migrating birds, and it was indeed not disappointing. 

A “bouquet” of Yellow-rumped Warblers found in the Mud Lake area obviously the right place to rest and gain some strength for the next leg of their journey to the South.

It took some efforts to get close to the birds. The grass at the south end of Mud Lake Parkis almost chest high. The warblers were present in a dead tree, next to the shore, but getting there with the whole rig of camera, long lens, and tripod took some time. Time that was finally well spent because the birds didn’t mind my presence after all.

I have photographed Yellow-Rumped Warblers several times before, but never in the fall. Their colors are not as bright as during spring migration but it is still one of the most adorable birds.

Thank you to all of you who check out my blog frequently, even if I’m not able to post on a daily base. At this time of the year my regular job and business travel activities prevent me quite often from what I like to do so much, watching wildlife and going out shooting pictures...