Joan and I paddled the Mississippi River today with our kayaks. We went over to the Wisconsin side and enjoyed a great afternoon in the backwaters, away from the main channel, where it is usually a little noisier on a Sunday like this.

Before we launched the boats at Mc Cartney Lake Access we checked out the public boat landing in Potosi, WI and this is where today’s pictures were taken. Remember my post from June 26th? Yes, these are the same Mayflies, just “a few” more as you can see. Some people call them fishflies but they all enjoyed the last short stage of their lives. The air had a fishy smell because of the millions already dead, covering the ground like a carpet. The Mayflies are harmless but they hang on to everything they can find. Well, nothing for the photo connoisseurs among you today, but it is an important nature event here in the Mississippi Valley that deserves to be documented.