Well, this is what I would like to call this Saturday. Three things came together today. First, I had time on hand to pursue a particular photography project, like shooting nothing but hummingbirds. Second, it was a rainy day. This was good for two reasons. It makes for great colors without extremely high contrast, and even more important, with the rain came lower temperatures. The hummingbirds have a very high metabolism and if it is colder they have to feed a lot more frequent. Hence their visits at flowers and hummingbird feeders happen a lot more often than during a hot day. And the third thing was my motivation to really go for the story that can be told at this time of the year about the hummingbird and to add maybe a few images to my bird portfolio.

I did the whole shoot in three sessions, spread out during the day. Uploading the first one to my computer made me reconsider, learn, and try it again with a different mind set. Gosh, I love days like this… :-)