Although we can’t compete with the iconic landscapes of the western United States here in eastern Iowa, but we do have some great skies with terrific clouds at times. This image was made earlier this week at the Mississippi River. The view goes over a marsh land, just outside of Dubuque and next to the big John Deere plant, hence the name of it, John Deere Marsh. Hundreds of ducks, geese, and other birds have their habitat here. Well, that’s why I had the Sigma 50-500 on the camera. I just hoped to make some good wildlife photos. The car was too far away to get a better suited lens for this landscape photo. The light and mood lasted only a few minutes, too short for a plan “B” ;-). The best camera (and lens) is the one you have with you and so I zoomed out to 58 mm and made the click. Not ideal in regards of sharpness (especially around the trees) but still better than coming home without the shot… :-)