Female Scarlet Tanager

I have good news and bad news today. The good news is that I finally was able to make some photos of the female Scarlet Tanager during the last couple days. The bad news is that I didn’t like any of the pictures taken in the trees or bushes around, mostly because of light quality or sharpness. With other words, I show you my best two shots made at a suet feeder. I know, this doesn’t really say wildlife but I hope I get some better pictures during the next couple days.

The male Scarlet Tanager did a better job and landed a few times on my bird perch before it entered the feeder. I know, I showed a photo of the male a few days ago here in the blog, but both, the male and female Scarlet Tanager are too pretty for keeping these pictures in the drawer…

Male Scarlet Tanager