I haven’t talked about photography gear in quite some time but today I’m just excited to tell you that a new camera was added to the gear bag. Nikon finally dropped the price of its FX-format camera D750 and my order went out immediately. I had planned to add a full frame DSLR to my bag of tools since a while, with the clear goal in mind to bring my photography to the next level. I don’t buy photography equipment for just the sake of being ”up to date” and I still love my DX-format NIKON D300s. I know that I have pushed its limits, for instance in low light situations. It has produced some results over the years that I’m very happy with, and it will still remain in the shooting bag as a second body that I can quickly use with a different lens.

Although I had a busy travel schedule during the weekend and today (I’m writing this post in a hotel room in Minneapolis) but I had some time last Friday and Sunday to do quite a bit of testing, studying the manual, and just having fun learning everything about the D750.

Today I won’t babble much about what I found so far. After the first six hundred shots on the meter I just think it is an amazing camera and it may take a little time to unleash its full potential. 

Part of my regular job is teaching people how to use new machines and software that comes with them. And therefor it’s no wonder that I’m a strong believer that actually reading and studying the manual is essential to understand the equipment and get the most out of it. Well I have more than 400 pages left… ;-)

All images: NIKON D750