I feel bad for every nature, wildlife, and landscape photographer here along the Upper Mississippi River who didn’t have a chance to be out shooting today. It doesn’t get any better during winter time as it was today. About 8˚C (46ºF) felt really great after such a long period with temperatures below freezing! :-) Although it melts rapidly there was still plenty of snow on the ground today, the best and biggest light reflector on earth for any camera owner. I was out in the Green Island Wetlands along the Mississippi River today but like to show you a photo first that I made earlier this morning in our woods.

The photo is not perfect, still too far away, but better than any picture I made before of the Brown Creeper. I have seen the little guy earlier this week and since this bird is on my mental list of “needs improvement”, I spent some time this morning to work on this task. 

Following the Brown Creeper isn’t so difficult, if you know a tree where it may return frequently. Point the lens to the bottom of the tree, because they always start their search for food (insects, seeds, nuts, suet) at the bottom, and then they creep and climb up along the trunk like a woodpecker. They use their stiff tail for support while climbing (source: iBirdPro app).

I have more little stories to tell, but this has to wait until tomorrow. So please stay tuned!