I’m very happy and excited to announce that my new collection BIRDS OF NORTH AMERICA is finally up and online. You can explore it by clicking on the COLLECTIONS tab above. I have expanded and totally renewed the former “Iowa Bird Gallery” from my old website. The majority of photos is still from the Upper Mississippi River here in Iowa, but from now on you can find all the birds we had the pleasure to watch and photograph during our trips in the US and Canada. Each picture shows now the location where the photo was made. This collection may hopefully help you to identify your own bird encounters or maybe give you some ideas where to find a particular species. But even if this doesn’t play a role in your life, I hope you can find a photo that makes you smile and brings you some joy.

Of course, not every photo in this collection would make it into my WILDLIFE PORTFOLIO and in some cases I have put documentary value over quality. My website and blog have always been a split between the desire to create art and to share the values of nature. Sometimes it all comes together in one photo and sometimes it doesn’t. This collection will be under constant renewal and will change accordingly if new or better photos are available.

Hey all my friends out there, please check it out, write me a comment, and let me know if you find any glitches in this collection!! :-)