Nikon D750, Nikkor 16-35mm / f4,  1/3 s, f/8, ISO 1000, @ 16 mm

You can’t travel to the Wild West without visiting a bar once in a while… Gosh, Joan had to twist my arm very, very hard to get me into Saloon No. 10 in Deadwood, South Dakota. OK, you knew that was a lie… 😉 We were actually drawn in by an actor who played the old west legend Wild Bill Hickok in a little reenactment in the back of this bar. Lots of fun!

The photo of this charming bar, with all its memorabilia, was made after the performance and until that moment I didn’t know that I can handhold 1/3 s exposure time without a tripod 😊. Thanks to all the gimmicks, like vibration reduction in the lens and shooting with ISO 1000, the photo turned out OK, not tack-sharp, but sharp enough. But who knows, maybe a couple beer works better than any “VR” in a Nikkor lens…😉